China Dotes on South American Infrastructure

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  1. Harold Hansen says:

    I’m looking for the information on the China railway systems and its opportunity to put in a rail system in California as well.
    I thought I saw it back here.
    Any chance you could help me find that article?
    They talked about how the Railway in China went over 300 mph and the new one if they built one in California would go over 200 mph.
    I’m looking for that article or the name of the railway and who was going to build it.
    I hope you can find it! Thanks A lot!
    Harold Hansen


    Wall Street Daily Research Reply:

    Hello Harold,
    Thank you for your comment. Perhaps this is the article to which you are referring?
    -Wall Street Daily Research


  2. Frenzy466 says:

    Great article, are there any investments worth noting that could benefit from this infrastructure building coming….


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