Grab a Piece of India’s Unstoppable Economy

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  1. Saptarishi says:

    The complexities in Indian labour laws have played a role in lower employment growth, resulting in sluggish economic development. With more than 50 Parliament acts and regulations governing employers in terms of their industry relations practice, it is not a surprise that a lesser increase in per capita income is being witnessed in the country. Read what Ratul Puri, Chairman of Hindustan Power Projects Private Limited has to say about the challenges that the Indian economy faces along with the hidden potential of the Indian youth that can be used as skilled labour.


  2. radha vyas says:

    The author of this article had written in a hurry, it is quite apparent he did not do much research.
    First of all give credit to Late PM Sri PV Narasimha Rao who was the visionary and then Finance Minister Shree ManMohan Singh, later the PM, who executed PV’s vision.
    Late PM PV Narasimha Rao truly opened up India to global economy, after years of pathetic rule by Nehru-Gandhi family who leaned on Socialism and did not do much to the growth of the economy.
    Will give another year to Modi’s Govt to see if his administration is working or not. One year is not sufficient to judge.


  3. UncleMike7 says:

    Although I haven’t been investing in the emerging markets because of all the unknowns, corruption, politics, etc. I would certainly like to see India doing a greater business with the U.S. and the world rather than China. At least India doesn’t want to dominate the world, they speak English and they are a fine democracy.


  4. Ronald says:

    I lost you when you said “previous government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, which led from 1998 to 2004, truly opened up India economically after 50 years of socialist Congress Party rule.” . It was not Vajpayee who opened up Indian economy , It was P.V. Narshingh Rao govt. with Dr. Manmohan Singh as the finance minister. That is when India opened it’s economy to the rest of the world.

    India has been lucky with oil price reduction . If the oil price reaches 3/4 value of where it was a year ago , inflation will rise and will create disenchantment among people.

    Like many investors I will wait and watch for some significant reforms…


  5. jackson says:

    It is important to address infrastructure bottlenecks and revitalise the
    investment climate to boost ‘Make in India’, which will bring a focus
    on generating employment in the country.


  6. NGU AMABOH ACHU says:

    I believe in the present government of India and I think it will be able to see India become a developed country and the next big investment destination. Just like China has done in recent times.. Visit for stories on emerging markets


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