Driverless Cars’ Biggest Roadblock Is… People

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  1. Norm Dickinson says:

    “Google’s self-driving cars have logged a total of 1.7 million miles, which works out to an accident rate of 0.6 per 100,000 miles driven.

    That’s pretty darn close to the rate for human drivers of 0.3 accidents per 100,000 miles driven, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.”

    That’s actually pretty darn close to DOUBLE the rate for human drivers…


  2. Andrew W says:

    Who or what will make each of us whole who could eventually be harmed by these high speed heavy wheeled robots? Has the long sought complete tort disconnect finally been invented?


  3. Larry Stolle says:

    I get it… But the key thing is responsibility and accountability. Who is really responsible for a self-driving vehicles accidents…the driver who turned on the auto-pilot or the maker of the vehcile or systems that might fail or be judged to be at fault. Make no mistake…we shift blame whenever we ahve an opportunity and this is a big opportunity if something happens!


  4. Mary C says:

    And who will have ultimate control over your vehicle at all times, Google? Don’t be so quick to hand over what freedom we have left.


  5. Hottrod says:

    Really? As a semi driver for 40 years, in 4 million miles I have not had any tickets, chargeable accidents and have never been shut down at a scale. Simply because I pay attention to what I’m doing. I’m sick of all this high-tech crap, I have no use for it.


  6. James A says:

    Can you envision a Driverless car or truck loaded with explosives preprogramed to go to a govt office or a Hospital, or a town meeting, or a ……………

    Think again!


  7. Big Ern says:

    Driverless cars will not be a big and instant hit with U.S. drivers! Just as the electric vehicles have a limited audience, so will driverless cars. The American driver’s love affair with his/her caris too engrained to surrender complete control to a computer.

    Also, the transition from driver to driverless will take many years to accomplish because of the investment in current automobile technology. The mix of driver/driverless vehicles on the road will create many unseen problems and will take, at least, a decade or more to resolve.

    In heavy commute areas, such as Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, NYC, Washington, DC, etc. the driverless car may become popular as its ability to interact with other driverless cars will untangle the commute and greatly reduce the chance of accidents. But that will take a lot of time to develop.

    Yes, driverless cars will, one day, be the status quo in our nation. But that time is, at least, 20 years into the future.


  8. Ann says:

    I can’t see myself trusting a computer to drive me at high speeds when we have Cyber attacks w/ China, Russia, Iran, etc stealing our defense info and people cyber attacking our Banks, medical info, stores, etc. What do we do when someone finds a way to get into the system that controls these self driving cars and we find the cyber attackers committing terrorist attacks on us driving us off cliffs and into other cars?

    I like Tec but we are putting to much control into the power of computers these days as we already have them replacing workers and as our Gov even talks about having Robots to replace our soldiers in our military; just imagine if a leader like Hitler would have had a force of robots to keep the people from resisting his dictatorship. I would sure hate for the US to have a leader that was as power hungry as Hitler that would start killing off the Human race at a whim; we have planned parenthood to do that.

    Tec is a wonderful thing but at what point are we allowing it to take over to much of our Lives?


    Ann Reply:

    To add liberals have put Planned Parenthood in our inner cities and rural areas to thin out the kids not yet born of those, that liberal gov/activists believe cant think for themselves and are of a bad gene pool. Now all we need is robots who will take orders that a man with ethics wouldn’t- to be our military force and rule/control we the common people; and then self driving cars so our Gov can ensure we don’t go any where our Gov doesn’t want us to go.


  9. Jarhead says:

    But who gets sued when the onboard computer malfunctions? The car company, the computer company, the car owner, the parents for allowing such stupidity? W H O ???


  10. Mahbub says:

    this is just selling something ideally a modern city should have train based commuting which is almost driverless and safer while leave the cars for some real driving ..anyway in this era everything just business and the people are like herd of sheep who believes in all the adverts they see…utility is sacrificed, greed is greater than need. So robots are better than humans… may not be long with humans deteriorating it will just happen????


  11. A. Done says:

    Definitely a waste of time. Enough said already to those who’s out for a profit. STOP!!! You’re wasting your time.


  12. Greg b. says:

    I don’t know about everybody else but I do not want a driver less car next to me and my loved ones on the road. I am not for this foolishness of driverless cars. This is Completely dangerous and not fair to other drivers who value their safety on the public roads. They already killed someone, how many more must die before these driverless cars are put to sleep. My vote is no on this dangerous idea. The public should have a vote to abolish such foolishness.


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