Google’s Driverless Cars Set for Public Roads

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  1. Mark says:

    A driverless car would be a blessing to older folks
    who are starting trouble driving. Most cities are
    set-up so you must have personal transportation.


  2. Todd says:

    I would never trust my life on the road to software or the Web, or an unproven technology, especially not to Google.

    Anyone who can’t safely drive a car themselves should not be driving. Neither can a machine substitute for human skill and judgement. If you have a death wish, by all means try riding in one of these stupid contraptions. Google would be happy to use your fate as a statistic. You give them all of your personal information for their profit, why not your life? Just don’t kill anyone else in the process of exercising your own stupidity. Google has an answer for that, too.

    If you need to get somewhere, call a cab. Put you money in the ahnds of someone who truly needs it.


  3. April Miller says:

    Sometime the phone will not work out where I live so they would not work so well.


  4. Carl says:

    I have an aging mother who would benefit with this type car.


  5. Bill says:

    Cars are only the beginning. Once we let computers and artificial intelligence take over, your input may not be required for a lot of other decisions as well.


  6. Marsha McCroden says:

    For me, driving has always been a medically bad idea. I would definitely appreciate a driverless car, since I’d finally be able to get around without using public transit or hoping my husband or sister can give me a ride wherever I’m going.


  7. bennett brown says:

    how can anyone have an opinion without seeing it in operation…having seen a few tank battle each other in the Korean war….obviously the military use makes more sense…. bennett brown


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