Relief Coming for Drought-Ravaged California?

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  1. dean says:

    still touting that old global warming routine.i don’t reccomend quoting charlatans and well paid idiots. i now question your intelligence and wonder whose payroll your on.


  2. Marty says:

    This has been the worst drought in 100 years. Global warming? Gimme a break. This is a cyclic weather pattern. Did we have global warming 100 years ago? I don’t think so. Did the folks blame global warming 100 years ago? Global warming has been proven a fraud by the greedy scientist’s emails and the intentional data changes.


  3. giley says:

    Let’s hope this turns up well for California


    Oliver Reply:



  4. Craig says:

    Everybody seems to think they know how to forecast long range, well no one has been really successful at that yet, lucky if you can get a good forecast a week out! Also a solar hibernation which happens every 206 years is just beginning and that will bring about about 30 years of cooling temperature. Indeed the only accurate forecaster is God himself because he made everything and Hc controls eveerything


    Fern Henley Reply:

    God gave humanity brains to use so when we are mature enough we terraform the planet for abundant living as befits children of God. This is our birthright to claim instead of sitting on our laurels and wringing our hands while wailing, “Ain’t it awful that we have a drought!” This is a challenge from above to keep us on our toes. Be glad.


  5. ONTIME says:

    I lived in Ca and experienced a El nino dry spell which lasted for some 7 years back in the early 70’s, Ca was built on a huge desert and records show that droughts can last a long time….Ca’s population has gone up considerably to some 30+ million, thus making water scarce and the ineptitude of the politicians blatant..The waste and inescapable fact is that the environmentalist and the political ties they ensue are responsible for this lack of planning for water and bear the total responsibility for turning fallow much of Ca’s Ag….Ask them why they won’t utilize Auburn Dam, they will tell you they are still studying earth quake info for the last 35 years, reality is they hated Gov. Reagan and vowed never to use this construction, so it to lays fallow never to put water into the fields of Ca’s…. Ag…..Remember folks, Ma Nature and the enviro’s are not your friend…


  6. Gordon558 says:

    Atmospheric modeling (weather) is an attempt to create a mathematical (logical) model of a chaotic system. Chaotic systems are not logical, hence do not lend themselves to accurate modeling.

    The model of a chaotic system may produce minimally useful results for a short time, but the longer it is run the more results deviate from actual events that will happen in the system. Daily example, local weather forecasts.

    Attempting to predict weather or climate far into the future is best accomplished by looking at the past:
    It will probably be hot in the summer, cold in the winter and there will be precipitation at random time through the year, maybe more so in spring and fall.


  7. Templar says:

    Lot’s of fear and few facts in this opinion piece…great, really helpful in determining how to invest for the future!


    Greg Miller

    Greg Miller Reply:

    Thanks for your comment. I don’t think there was a lot of unjustified fear in the article – the El Niño effect can indeed have terrible effects if it is strong and of long duration and the current forecasts say it will be both.

    You’re right that the article is short on specific forecasts or investment recommendations. That’s for a reason. Each El Niño is separate from the one before and there’s no one-size-fits-all forecast that one can apply. I’d offer two pieces of advice, neither one specific but I hope the second is at least helpful. First, be careful. Second, be extremely wary if someone tells you to buy this or sell that just because of the El Niño . Consider how far we are into the event and how specific any weather prediction is and remember that any prediction, even one based on a well-known phenomenon like El Niño, can be wrong.


  8. Karl says:

    Anyone who denies the existence of Global warming is an idiot.


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