A Solution to the California Drought?

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  1. Joe C says:

    Just more proof California has the dumbest politicians. Do a little research and you’ll find there has been an outcry for desalinization water plants there since the 1940’s. They were going to build lots of them in the 1950’s but they wanted the Feds and the rest of us to pick up the tab! I was a kid then and wanted to see them succeed. Now, I hope they enjoy the fruits of their stupidity!


  2. Marguerite Cottenot says:

    It’s a sign of superior intelligence to be able to call everybody stupid (but oneself of course)


    Michael M Reply:

    So Margueritte, if somebody does something asinine, you can’t call them out on it? Thank goodness we have the thought police around like you to tell other people what to think and say. I have lived in California my whole life and I can say we do have the most stupid politicians in the country. They have turned a great state into a toilet bowl! But, we also have the most stupid electorate in the country too. How else could you explain Jerry Brown being Governor?


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