French Firm Cleverly Dodges Drone Regulations

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  1. Norman Hirsch says:

    At 4:12-4:14 the small drone it’s supposed to capture hits the drone that is supposed to do the capturing and brings it down where it crashes on he ground. So instead of capturing the drone, they both crash on ground causing additional risk. Very stupid idea.


  2. GoFigure says:

    Any group with a devious plan would merely send up a couple of decoy drones first. This quickly exhausts the supply of the larger drone capture planes. Only then would the attackers launch their drone with the real payload.


  3. PeterW says:

    Years ago a Man created the ultimate security device, it was called a Lock, not long after another Man create a way to pick the lock.

    Man is always inventing new locks (Cyber Security, etc), and another Man finds a way to pick it.

    The purpose of a lock is to DELAY entry ONLY, so no matter what guarantees someone – including Government, gives you, it only real value is in delaying entry (in all its forms)

    That includes Missile Defense Systems.


  4. Bill Simpsom says:

    I’d like to see Amazon wait a long time. In these uncertain last couple of years, we need some kind of regulations. II personally abhor gov’t interfering with private enterpriseand meddling in our personal affairs, but drone technology now becomes a security issue in some cases. This issue must be addressed before the unwitting public pays a price.
    Never intended, of course, bu it’s here..


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