Why the Tea Party Is Dreading June 30

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  1. Publius40 says:

    I disagree with the premise that the continuation or demise of the Ex-Im bank will determine the viability of the Tea Party.

    The Tea Party will continue on because nobody expects to win every battle they enter.

    The results of the vote on that issue, however, will identify with clarity the politicians who need to be targeted and defeated in the next election.

    The Tea Party has been untiring in it’s efforts to “clean the barn and take out the trash.” This just helps identify some of the trash.


  2. Jack says:

    Are we there yet? As my five year old puts it.

    Over a century of “Progressive” /socialist/fascist


  3. Jack says:

    The “Progressive” takeover of the political system has taken over 100 years. But while they completely dominate the Democrat party their dominance of the Republican grows weaker each election. It will be a long war, not settled by one battle in June. Only one other option exists, but it would be best to avoid bloodshed.


  4. O.D.S. says:

    Absolute waste of taxpayer money. Large corporations don’t need subsidies to finance their products. There are plenty of agency’s that can do what Ex-im is doing and keep the burdens of higher taxes and deficits down. Which is the greatest cause of corporations leaving the USA. We need more private good jobs here in America not abroad. The elimination of Ex-im is justified and necessary right now.


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