FDA Approves Disruptive Medical Device

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  1. Frenchy says:

    Thanks Louis,
    XStat will definitely be good short term but please look into ARTH (Arch Therapeutics) for the next best thing in terms of stopping bleeding! You will surely like it. Best thing about is that the FDA will look at it as a device vice a drug…


    Former Medic Reply:

    From my experience as a former combat medic (OEF 2011-12), this looks like a ‘good’ addition but not a ‘game changer.’ Medics/Corpsman will still have to perform their HABC’s (Hemo/Tourney, Airway, Breathing, Circulatory) before getting to the use for this advice. Therefore, this device may not be necessary if medevac is within 20 minutes away (you will be too busy securing the LZ and preparing for transport).

    Also, this injection is not a ‘One Size Fits All’…wounds from IEDs come in unlimited shapes and severity. If a nervous/fatigued hand misses the severed arteries upon injection then what? Pack more gauze in, or do you have to re-shoot? Re-load the cartridge? I doubt this device is as easy and stress free to use as described when the sh*t hits the fan.

    A question with packaging. How easy is this device to open and deploy? Obviously it will have to have a air-tight seal to prevent water exposure and maintain sterility. If the packaging is too bulky or more difficult than ‘Combat Gauze’ then whats the point…every second matters.

    Just a few thoughts before you dump your kids college into this IPO


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