Coming Soon to America: Police Body Cameras

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  1. LYNN D says:

    Maybe everyone should be getting them. Not just the ploice.
    Data can get lost or erased.


    Joe Gideon Reply:

    I favor having Politicians wearing them


    Badluckbill Reply:

    I favor drug testing all politicians, bureaucrats, and welfare recipients.


  2. David says:

    In South Africa growing up as a boy of 7 I first witnessed a family of 4 including two young children being placed in the back of a police van for being on an only whites beach in Cape Town and driven erratically with a loose spare wheel in the back.This was a favorite tactic during the days of apartheid .Sad to see it is still going on in the USA.


  3. RLM357 says:

    Police Brutality??? That was the cry the Junkie / Hippie Anarchists used in the Sixties. Organized by the CP /USA in their ongoing Attack on Our Structure. It is evidenced today in the (sudden?) riotous Eruptions nationwide. While this is taking place, WE the PEOPLE are distracted from the leftist goings-on in DC. The word THUG is now being labeled a Racist Word by the hoodwinked blacks. If the ‘shoe’ fits…wear it!. In the Meantime Whites’ are being advised to ‘ARM yourselves’. Where are the Black Parents? Bill Cosby spoke out against this element and now he is being attacked unmercifully. This “Headline” follows along the Anarchists Path. Whose side are you on? ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”


  4. Ken Freeman says:

    I truly enjoyed reading Greg Miller’s article on police body cameras. I agree. With the correct guidelines it’s imperative that we use them as soon as possible.


  5. Angela hamby says:

    I am for body cameras. Police brutality is out control and police are only breeding a generation of “cop haters” which does not help anyone’s future. Agreeing that some rules should be in place for victims. And also agreeing there should be strict rules and consequences for video tampering by police. But body cameras are a necessity to protect “the people”. That is their job… Correct???


    W.B. Howard Reply:

    Police brutality is NOT out of control. Criminals are out of control. Obey what the officer tells you to do and you will be OK. Fight the officer(s) and you are in a world of hurt. Yes, there ar a minority of officers who go overboard with the physical part of the arrest, but the vast majority of officers adhere to departmental policies and human rights dictum. It is only when something like Baltimore happens that the populace goes on a rampage. So far as I am concerned, those buildings that were destroyed can stay that way form now on. Destruction of ones own neighborhood is stupidity at it’s finest !!!


    johnd01 Reply:

    Most of the time doing what the officer says to do will get you off but the officer has no right to continue beating after the person complies. If they do they should serve time in jail. Case in point:
    The deterrent for officers must be strong enough that this kind of arrest never happens again.
    It is not just the back people who have a problem when a cop steps over the line.

    How would the law treat they guy on the horse if he did to the officers what they did to him?

    It does not matter what he did before they tasered him off the house. At that point the game changed, at that point the cop became thugs.
    What does the law do to thugs if they are not in uniform?
    The same or more should be done for these officers.
    I realize that not all cops are like this but how did we get 10 officers like this in one place at the same time.

    If only one officer in 100 was like this you would not see 10 of them beating up a helpless victim. It would take just the bad 10 of a 1000 officer force to happen to be at the same place at the same time. Can you say Fat Chance?


  6. bobfrommosinee says:

    Now what happens when they don’t work as liberals want them to work, When they show that the police were justified,?


  7. mogwan says:

    If cameras are used, it is simple enough to encrypt the video so Cops cannot view the data to ‘square up’ their story before an investigation. Give the encryption code only to the Police Commissioner or some other person of responsibility…not to some ‘property clerk’ where the data will either be abused or disappear. Add to that a severe fine for any tampering with the device or have the video wirelessly streamed to a locked ‘black box’ in a patrol car as ‘beat cops’ are pretty non-existent now.


  8. W.B. Howard says:

    Excellent idea Mogwan. Wish I had thought of it.


  9. Stash says:

    Had Hillary worn the body cam , we would have a record of her “Lost” emails!


  10. Jeff says:

    Do you really think the police are going to turn over to the courts, video evidence that implicates one of their own in a crime? No way! Watch how fast it disappears or is conveniently unavailable.


    karen Reply:

    I am kind of baffled how quickly you all think the worst of the cops but the thugs and agitators been 1″ away from the cops face, screeming at them, throwing rocks, blocks of concrete and all kind of junk at them and having been bussed into the hotspots are pure as fresh fallen snow – right.
    Act like a human being and you will be treated like human beings.


  11. Joe says:

    It sounds like a good idea, but, I am not convinced that body cameras will ‘work’ if the police are up to no good. For example:

    “It also disclosed that crucial evidence from the ride is missing because a video camera which was supposed to be recording the interior of the police van with Gray inside was not working.


  12. AJ says:

    I’m not convinced that he was injured in the van. If you watch the initial video which shows the officers dragging Mr Gray to the van, it clearly shows that Mr Gray’s right leg and foot were turned in an outward position, indicating probable injury. He never did stand up and was in fact pushed into the van in a semi prone position. This suggests to me that he was severely injured BEFORE he was shoved into the van, possibly when the officer had his knee on Mr Grays back before he was ever picked up from the ground. Yes, according to reports by the media Mr Gray had a long rap sheet. However, this DOES NOT give any law enforcement the right to abuse the person, ESPECIALLY after the person is already subdued! This absolutely must be stopped. Regarding body cameras, perhaps they would have shown all of this as long as the bad cops don’t outnumber the good cops.


  13. Sydney says:

    Stop sending local police to Israel for Middle East military training may be a far better solution. Whatever government body or personnel that authorized Baltimore cops to train in a war ridden nation with nothing but hatred for their neighbors with a military terroristic approach to law enforcement, ought to be immediately removed from office and have a psych evaluation. That goes for all other communities that invited these cops to share and teach these Middle East terroristic tactics to their police departments.


  14. karen says:

    the was some information available on the internet about this kid , F. Gray that he has had many injuries of his spine and all kinds of maladies he brought on in his past – I am no doctor but somehow I can imagine hurting yourself really badly.


  15. H Jensen says:

    I have worked in many countries in the world including The USA.If you regard the law and act civil I am sure as I have found out no Police will bother you. Who would ever want to be a Police man in the way the world is today,drugs,no respect for The Law and thugs we should be thankful that men will take on this thankless job and put their lives on the line everyday or would people like a world without law and order anarchy in other words. It might help for the police to wear cameras? You do not need a college education to get good jobs,ambition goes a long way as I found out.


  16. Toni Stimmel says:

    Let’s include all the politicians, lawyers, judges, political appointees, and bureaucrats and get rid of the corruption that inspires some policemen to overstep their bounds.

    Less than 5% of policemen are bent while 95% of politicians are easily bendable if not yet bent.


  17. johnd01 says:

    In our area cop use a black elastic band to “support their badges which also come in real handy to cover part their badge number.

    If you see a cop very rarely can you read his badge.
    Whats to keep some hair cream or some other substance from blurring or blocking the camera?

    They also say things like “would you like to be arrested for interfering with the duties of an officer?”


  18. Retired cop says:

    I’m a retired cop who did over 29 years as a patrolman in San Francisco in some rough neighborhoods. I see a lot of ignorant opinions being expressed here. Sorry to have to say that, but it’s true. Yeah, there are some heavy handed cops but they are rare and no one likes to work with them. They can be trouble for everyone. That said, remember that when a cop makes an arrest, it’s the suspect who decides whether to resist or complicate things. Cops like to make uncomplicated arrests. No injuries to anybody, no torn uniforms, no lawsuits. But reasonable force can’t be avoided when a suspect refuses to comply. Cameras? No problem. I have nothing to hide.


    Captain Steve Reply:

    I agree. The Mayors of Baltimore and New York City must share the blame for the criminal behavior of their citizens. As elected officials, of the Executive arm of government, it is their responsibility to see that the laws of the State are enforced within their cities. These politicians have perverted their offices by endorsing criminal conduct as ” JUSTIFIED” because of the actions of law enforcement, not the conduct of the law breaker. This, to me, is outright criminal conduct on the part of these elected officials.


  19. Bob Waligunda says:

    I just answered Jeff, Angela and Lynn D. Body cameras are great, even with their limited field of vision, but they are only as good as the technology that will prove there is an immutable chain of custody for that video. There is a new Write Once Read Many product, a HDD, called the WORMdisk, developed by Seagate and GreenTec-USA, which cannot be altered, changed, modified, rewritten, reformatted or deleted. Sorry, Lois. If you go to court with your evidence, you will lose if you cannot prove the chain of custody, and this product is currently being used by the Department of Justice for just that prupose.


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