The End to the U.S. Immigration Debate?

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  1. 11th Gen American says:

    The only thing which succeeded in bringing on my political gag reflex was the suggestion that Michele Obama should run against Hillary Clinton in 2016! Good God Almighty, are the Democrats completely deaf to the screaming of the intelligent members of our society! We don’t want anyone running for president who is perfectly willing to sell this country out to the highest bidders, or who would have America retreat militarily from the world’s threats, or is willing to flood in countless millions of low-wage workers to replace the lucky few Americans who still have family-supporting, full-time jobs! Bill Gates has shown for years that he’s much more interested in spreading around his billions in foreign countries than in helping his fellow Americans achieve success, despite the fact that it was primarily purchases by Americans of his products which provided him with obscene wealth!


  2. T.Hay says:

    The government needs to put Americans to work FIRST. If there are jobs that need qualified people, then the government should train Americans. When there are no Americans needing work, then bring in immigrants. Keep in mind that money spent training will result in taxes being paid- there will be a return on investment.

    When you do allow immigrants make the same rules apply to everyone – not 2/3 who follow rules wait in line while those who do not get in first! What message does this send to the world?


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