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Workday Upgrade: the Desk of the Future

The disadvantages of sitting at a desk all day are well-documented.

Studies show that sitting for long periods can lower your metabolism, and boost your risk of heart attack or a stroke. It can even cut your life expectancy…

Back in 2011, The Wall Street Journal cited an American Cancer Society study, which said, “Women who sat more than six hours a day were 37% more likely to die prematurely than women who sat for less than three hours, while the early-death rate for men was 18% higher.”

That same article discussed how more companies were beginning to provide standing desks to employees. And the trend has only picked up steam in recent years.

In fact, most of us on the Wall Street Daily staff are currently rocking the standing desk.

Although I was hesitant to give up my cushy chair at first, I’ve since found that standing improves my focus, productivity, and posture. Heck, I’ve even lost a few pounds.

Standing desks are far from perfect, however. So as more people cut ties with their chairs, some companies are working hard to cash in on the trend by improving the standing desk in novel ways.

And one New York City startup has designed the coolest effort I’ve seen so far.

Healthy Work Habits Go High-Tech

The Autonomous Desk – currently part of a Kickstarter campaign – is certainly the standing desk of the future.

While most standing desks are just hunks of metal and particle board, this thing comes packed with high-tech features and connectivity options.

Ever heard of a talking desk? Because this one boasts speech recognition technology. So it can become a Siri-style personal assistant – reading back messages, playing music, alerting you of upcoming meetings, etc.

The desk can even interact with other connected devices, like a smart thermostat.

Of course, those features aren’t exactly necessary for most people. But the desk does provide a few upgrades to the traditional standing desk that everyone would find useful.

For instance, it comes equipped with a wireless charging station for your phone and a USB port.

But the best improvement involves how the desk handles height settings. And this is where it gets smarter still…

Most standing desks come with pre-defined height settings a few inches apart. Personally, I can’t seem to find the perfect level for my height.

The Autonomous Desk uses a motor to raise and lower the desk to a height that’s best for you.

Better yet, it remembers your customized settings… and then automatically raises to your preferred height when it senses your arrival.

You can learn more about the desk over at Kickstarter.

Best Regards,

Justin Fritz

Executive Editor, Wall Street Daily

Justin Fritz

, Executive Editor

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