Will Comcast’s Failed Deal Benefit Consumers?

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  1. WarzoneB52 says:

    Thank you for a very insightful article. From my perspective I see a growing demographic trend that does not bode well for Comcast, Verizon and the other big corporate “providers” of cable/internet/phone, and that is young people who completely ignore having a cable provider in the home. They simply stream content on their mobile devices and therefore have no need for cable content. As they become more and more of the customer base they will drive the market in directions not fully understood today. Comcast and other cable providers will slowly die on the vine. I’m not so sure about the phone provider side of it, but I suspect the technology market and competition will have something to say about it. In the end you’re right, Comcast has a serious wake up call coming and as they say, it’s time to “innovate or die”!



  2. Lou Jahn says:

    What is needed is more cable to cable competition! Years ago we lived in Ventnor NJ and Suburban Cable was the only provider, then a new venture named Shore Cable was created. Shore Cable paid to have all of the cables on telephone poles moved to allow both firms to offer service. As Shore Cable began to go live, Suburban Cable added extra channels for its customers in the competing areas (but not in their other areas not covered by Shore Cable). However, just as Shore Cable began to grow, it was announced that Comcast purchased Suburban Cable; what was announced a few days later was Comcast had also purchased Shore Cable a few days earlier. All at once we all then received the old channel lineup Suburban had before competition! A precise example that customers receive better service via competition!


  3. Nancy H Watson says:

    Considering that so much of what is shown on cable is negative or re-runs, it may not be a bad thing if the companies priced themselves out of the market. There comes a point where what they offer just isn’t worth it and people will find other ways to spend their time.


  4. Derek A Duncan says:

    My thinking is that TV Packages that are sold, from Cable Providers are obsolete. They are well overpriced. and not needed any more. When just about every TV programs and movies are streaming online on the internet.
    With special software individuals can have world wide coverage of other countries TV channel on there PC. There is no need for Cable Providers selling TV Packages. just Internet Packages.

    Even though I paid $120.00 a month as an average for bundle at Verizon, I have no time to watch Cable TV. As soon as my 2, year contract is over. I will discontinue Cable TV. On the air Digital TV has hundreds of channel that can I accesses for free.


  5. Kirstin Strand says:

    I live in a small town in WA state. I’ve seen how other countries are paying a fraction of what we in USA are paying for superior internet service. Yet, there is no awareness of this reality. Why don’t counties set up as internet providers…and let the profits go to local taxes instead of *making the rich RICHER?*


  6. Kirstin Strand says:

    Many of us are on the same page; it’s just that communication between parties is an impossibility.


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