Welcome to the World’s New Silicon Valley

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  1. Antan says:

    So, a Silicon Valley… with not enough internet bandwidth? I guess it’s more realistic to think it’ll become the next ISI-“Islamic State of Lebanon” as soon as funds for UN, NGOs and international missions will dry up and the few wealthy people will relocate their families – and their bank accounts – to UAE, Canada or Europe. Good luck, guys.


  2. Firas Hajjar says:

    Beirut, a city where power cutoffs and gunshots are daily routine, isn’t going to become the next silicon valley just because some guy doesn’t want the internet to become a bit faster… You want people to believe that?


  3. hady says:

    The article started very well and I was expecting more information about how Beirut is becoming the next Silicon Valley and what needs to succeed.
    Unfortunately, and although what you have stated is mostly true, the article turned to be blaming and attacking only one man as the showstopper, as if this is the only obstacle for success.

    In all cases, thank you for writing about our beautiful city Beirut and I hope to read more articles in that topic while being more objective and fair.



  4. Said says:

    A silicon valley principle has been at the discussion table since the early 90s. We, the people, have done shamefully so little to get us closer to that.
    Short of Mobile Telco’s launching Wireless Broadband with unfounded BADwidth promises and adopting preposterous contention ratios, very little has been done to move the country forward.
    Go back to the basics of the technology world: People, Process, Technology.
    Technology will deliver 10 out of 10 times, so that is a matter of footing a bill based on an investment plan and a ROI.
    People have failed (no wait: FILED) the country 10 out of 10 times. Pointless to talk about process, isn’t it?
    Go back to the basics, create a compelling business case with facts and figure, develop an evolution road map… Crawl… Walk… Run.
    Maybe then we can talk about a valley.


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