Iran, Pakistan, and China Form Energy Partnership

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  1. Faiz Rasul says:

    Fully agree with this article.


  2. walid hossain says:

    Pakistan has geographical advantages to turn in to global economic and energy hub!
    Pakistan should emphasize on agriculture, water reservation, power and industries!


  3. Andy says:

    Hence the real reason for the Iranian nuke deal fostered by the trader-in-chief. With Iran generating electricity w/nuclear fuel, this insures the vast resources of Iran will be escrowed for Chinese communist. Islamic purposes and the Iranians will still be able to turn their lights on, eliminating the entire reason the free world was conducting sanctions against this terrorist state in the first place. Which is to have the people demand self-determination as opposed to oppressive Shia rule.
    The trader-in-chief really exceeded his legacy desires w/this deal. He screwed Western interest while improving the opportunity for communists and Muslims. Quite a check mark in his test to determine if he will be a member of the elite trilateral commission or other sovereign Muslim or communist entity when he retires to Singapore.


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