The Winners and Losers From a Cable TV Shakeup

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  1. Justin Wachin says:

    I only watch four channels, ESPN isn’t one of them. I have no interest in these megachannel packages. I would also add that Roku is another great viewing option.

    Dish Network used to offer an ala carte option (10 channels for $15 per month), but they discontinued that more than 10 years ago. Hopefully smaller bundles or ala carte will make a return.


  2. DiDi Morgan says:

    We don’t have cable, don’t want it. The only channels we’d ever watch are over the air for FREE. If we’d like to see an occasional movies, by can go BUY the DVD and have it whenever we want it, for a lot LESS than we’d pay the cable company to see it at their convenience. The ONLY thing that’s getting hard to get is sporting events (I was very upset that the Rose Bowl this year was cable only) but not $ 1200 a year worth of upset.


  3. James Mamone says:

    We switched from Comcast to Verizon in December and have never been happier. Comcast is the biggest rip-off in the industry and they could care less about their customers. They have absolutely the worst customer service in any industry in the country. And on top of that, if you call them about a problem, you will more than likely get a foreigner on the line that you cannot remotely understand. Comcast sources a lot of their customer service jobs to other countries because of the cheap labor there. This when our own people are looking for jobs in a bad economy. If you have Comcast, look for a notice that you rates are going up 2-3 times a year. If Comcast were the only company out there, then we would gladly do without rather than have to deal with them again.


    KenRitchie Reply:

    Comcast constantly charges me for the modem I purchased off of the internet! They setup special promotions but charge you for them after the promotion is over and don’t inform me when it is. I then get a raise in bill.
    Furthermore, I can not get Verizon or any other Cable service in this area because other cable companies are not allowed in this area. Yet less then a mile from my house RCN, Verizon, etc are allowed there. Comcast HAS NO Competition a and they get away with this!


  4. 83footsailor says:

    So the rug has finally been pulled out from under COMCAST.NET. Maybe now they will drop their high prices for what they peddle.


  5. Curtis says:

    It’ about time that Comcast’s $25 mm per year CEO took a pay cut and institute ala carte channel selection!


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