Platinum: The Best Buy in the Metals Sector

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  1. synaptic says:

    How does the expanded use of Palladium for catalysis impact the Platinum market?

    Are the 2dwt Pt eagles still being minted?


  2. Anthony Brown says:

    Platinum is more valuable than gold ! Smashing News! Is there a possible reason platinum could be used to make better tactical laser guide missiles and bombs or military ? Is there a possible reason we could replace B-2 spirit with platinum and nuclear subs with platinum! We could make better cars and trucks with platinum and cleaner energy with platinum? We could go farther in medical research with platinum !


  3. Anthony Brown says:

    We could have better security and armed forces with our other elements and minerals! I mean what are we waiting for? Time to pull the real thing out ! Time to use our minds instead of behinds! Silicone,platinum,carbon-15,honey comb,fiber glass,thorium,boron,xenon,cobalt,etc! God gave it to us why waste it!
    Those other !@#$% want to blow themselves to !@#$#$ why shall we be afraid!
    We want to put to a good cause! So let’s put to a good cause! We could solve cancer,epilepsy,kidney failure,asthma,stds,etc! Think of what we could do?


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