Worsening Drought Means Higher Food Prices

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  1. Bridget riddle says:

    We are a family farmer. You didn’t mention that farmers in the federal water districts got 0% water last year and we get 0% water this year, do what’s 80% of 0???
    You also didn’t mention the amount that fish and game receive
    And how much they have not reduced their amount these last two years.


  2. JB says:

    I am in central North Carolina and have property that I rent to a fresh produce stand. He is been there for many years. As he came to pay rent today he informed me that his cantaloupe and watermelon prices have increased 80 percent and that’s from a wholesale perspective. Though he gets this produce from Florida he informed me that this year Florida has increased prices 80% in anticipation of a lack of supply from the California drought. So if anyone tells you this year that prices of food are not going to increase due to the California drought I suggest you go talk to your local fruit or produce stand and find out the truth.


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