New Industry From Plasticulture Disruption

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  1. Lane says:

    Sounds like a great solution… however the material is not cost effective and does not perform at a level acceptable to the industry. Also, most if not all films waste from AG is polyethylene and non-toxic and non-leaching.

    From my perspective recycling the existing materials is a technology with much more merit. Unfortunately this is not easy to collect film from the field but it will keep farmer productivity at its current level.


  2. Ton says:

    60 percent goes to CHINA… go attack them!
    What other country has the ecological protection that match’s the USA’s?
    About half of our country is “protected” at a loss of millions of dollars per year, I guess in fighting fire…?
    When you figure out how to make the biodegradable products cost effective, the farmers and others will use it.
    Why not attack the battery industry… one of the largest polluters on Earth. Oh ya, you want us to drive electric cars to “save the environment” …


  3. Stu. says:

    I wonder what the environmentalists are planning to eat, after they have put the farmers out of business.


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