Obama Sparks Gun Demand Surge

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  1. mike drouin says:

    with the outright crimes our financial institutions are committing against Homeowners in the so called ” Mortgage Crisis “and the collectivist response by our government , States , and Judiciary , it’s a wonder people are arming themselves !!!!!!


    rick Reply:

    This is exactlyt what the NRA wants is people saying no to any gun safety issues. There is nothing wrong with guns we just need to make sure sick minded people don’t have them. Would you want an x-con living next to you that has an arsinal of guns and has a bad temper. It’s about gun safety and not taking anyones guns away, that is what the nra wants you to believe.
    My main question I am left with and others should think about for just 5 minutes , Why is the NRA not leading the conversation on gun safety and responsibility. And in case you wonder , I am a liberal, own guns, and are responsible, but I don’t believe everyone should have one, I sold guns for 20 years and have seen many that should not own a gun because they don’t have a clue, or are just plain stupid. Just think about it. Be responsible and educated.


  2. Jeff Barstow says:

    So from the perspective of the firearms manufacturers the best scenario is to have a president that is anti-gun paired with a congress that is actively pro-gun. Now if they could just increase the availability of 22LR ammunition and keep the regulators at bay on other types of ammo.


  3. randy says:

    just think what the gun sales would be if obama could run again and win !!!!!!


    Cat Reply:

    You are sick to even have the thought of this mobster running again. He has done more damage in the name of “fundamentally” changing our country that it might be irreversible. Shut up and just buy your guns to protect your neighborhood.


    LCeja Reply:

    Don’t worry! All that is needed is a “national emergency” and Obama will get his 3rd and 4th term.
    Just wait and see.


  4. Alan Cunha says:

    He and Bloomberg have also added greatly to increased membership in the NRA.


  5. American Patriot says:

    This is great news for America, Freedom and our Country.
    Private gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment are the only things protecting the Constitution and America. We sure can not count on the Politicians for any help.



  6. James P. says:

    A local gun dealer has a photo of BHO naming him gun salesman of the year.


  7. Kevin S says:

    If anyone thinks this is phenomenal, just wait until Hitlery Rotten Clinton gets vote-frauded into office next year.
    There won’t be a firearm to be had when THAT rush starts. On the day after the “election” (lol) there will be a rush of gun shops the likes of which has yet to be seen, and even guns that are normally hard to sell will be snatched up. If it can go bang, it will sell… at outrageous prices.


  8. Steveafrikaner says:

    The NRA should stick a thumb in Obumblers eye, by making him an honourary life member, for his valiant
    efforts in inadvertantly becoming the best gun salesman in history. As they say in Yidish, he would platz.


  9. Rex Ames Sr. says:

    This country was founded on religious freedoms and the right to bear arms. I fought for this country in the early 70’s and even today people still want to live here. Its the most diverse country in the world. We have fought through many problems in life here. Civil war, slavery, women’s rights, the right to vote, unions for better living for the working man, and now we are fighting to keep our jobs because Wall Street ships our jobs to Mexico for cheap labor cost. Now we almost lost some gun rights because of a narrow margin of 4 votes victory to vote down the Arms treaty agreement. When are the liberals going to wake up and realize that they are being used. We could do a lot to help Americans by taking less profit and keeping our people here working here. Now we have so much dept that no one wants to finance it and buy our dollars. At some point our own government will start confiscating our bank accounts and 401’s and stock in Wall Street. We cannot stand for even one more year of Obama. He may not even be a legitimate president as it has always been questioned where he was really born. He is the only president that they will not unlock his records. So keeping our gun rights has never been more important than the present.


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