Hunting for Yield Among Bank Stocks

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  1. Don Paterson says:

    What is your current view on buying 2year Leap Puts on the S&P 500 at 850- 900 as a hedge on a sharp market drop, or buying some inverse ETF’s on the Financials …or both ?
    Thanks, Don


    walnut Reply:

    With SPX currently at around 2100, it has to lose almost 60% of its value before your specific put even goes into money. At that point, your stock portfolio most likely had already declined by a similar amount. That is not much of a hedge and your put will only make money if SPX continues to fall. Not likely to happen.


  2. Leo says:

    The only safe place for investment is productive land for food.
    All other investment fields are too risky in the medium and long term. One needs to eat even in a financial crash but one does not need a bigger TV screen or other similar status incited products.


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