China’s Power Play Has Americans Spooked

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  1. Okeke says:

    I am happy for this development. With an establishment of a rival development bank by the Chinese, this is sure to force the IMF and World Bank to review it’s lending policies to Africa with a view to making it’s loan conditions less stringent. And America should be happy. China is bringing competition into the global financial market. Isn’t competition one of the noble features of capitalism?


  2. Peter says:

    Why is it that communism is automatically Godless ? We have Hutterite colonies here in Canada who true communist (community minded) are very Bible believing . Another, where would China be today , if they didn’t get rid of Cheng Kiashek ?


  3. Michael says:

    Surprising and refreshing to see AIIB welcomed by a US web-site. Let’s not forget China has a down-side too such as corruption, human rights, pollution and debt.


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