Crowdfunding Investors Rejoice! (Almost…)

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  1. Bruce says:

    The word Is BETRAY US!


  2. David Stewart says:

    Great article explaining the drawbacks of Title IV. It is ridiculous on how long it took for them to do Title II and no Title III yet. Our new holdings company, Nash Holdings Inc. have filed a 506c Reg D under Title II. It would be much easier to raise capital under Title III. We should all talk to our Representatives and Senators to put pressure on them to speed it up and make it simple. Should take no more than a few pages to do it.


  3. Michael says:

    Kiran Lingam works for, not crowdfund insider.



    Wait. Is the limit 500,000 as i raed earlier in a different article, (california resident) outside this website or 5 to 50 million. Is it mix for accredited and non.


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