Taking a Shower Will Never Be the Same Again

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  1. Andrew says:

    So bacteria, spores, and residue of chemicals on our body are recycled over our face, mouth, eyes, and atomized for inhalation? Could that be a problem? Most of us do not need a shower every day or could take much faster showers and also use an on off valve that does not tweak the temperature.


  2. Mary Ann Ludwig says:

    I’m not sure how this recycle works. Does it only work while the water is on during the shower? Does the water wind up being stored for the next shower? There is a problem with storing water, especially in very warm/hot climates. Many people use their washing machine water to water plants already. The problem with limiting washing machine water is that clothing will not get clean if there is not enough water circulating through the clothing. Obviously, xeriscaping helps. By eliminating lawns and other water intensive landscaping, water is preserved for drinking and household uses. In California, we have already been the victims of reduced water for toilets (not always useful or successful) and have already had shower inserts suggested to reduce flow. This is not the first drought for California, although the last one was more than 4 decades in the past. Many of the mandated reductions are on top of mandates that have persisted since the last drought. There really is not much more we can do other than with landscaping. Since this sort of thing is cyclical and we have seen it all before, it is likely that there will be an El Nino year within the next several and we will be trying to prevent mudslides and floods.


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