Gold Prices Stuck Between Rock and Hard Place

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  1. Gary Williams says:

    the dollar was at 121 on the index, when gold was $600/oz

    gold doubled to $1200/oz today, while the dollar index is at only 98 or so

    what’s so bad about the gold investment ?
    it doubled, while the dollar value went DOWN nearly 25%


  2. MartinArcher says:

    Investing based on “charts” of past performance is like driving the road ahead by looking in the rear view mirror – it works until the road bends as it always does sooner or later. Then you crash and the only one making the money on gold trades is the person who handles your buy and sell orders. Me? I prefer to gamble on pork bellies – I can eat them if necessary.


  3. Larry Poke says:

    I’m sorry, but companies like Goldman Sachs and the other gold-gluttons are holding the price of gold down purposely in order to drive small investors out of the market. They seem to want it all for themselves and the “little guys” who are holding on to their gold as a hedge against inflation are simply out of luck. It’s too bad this world is being manipulated by the greedy and soulless pigs who would eat their own children just for the sake it saved them a trip to the supermarket. I give up. I’m going to join the mob. They say, “crime doesn’t pay”. The facts say otherwise.


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