Russia Proposes Superhighway to Alaska

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  1. charleswilliammorganjr says:

    This is a forward thinking and sensible project. However, it should be entirely by high-speed rail. People will not drive that distance, but will travel by high-speed comfortable rail, where they are able to eat in the dining car and sleep at night, while the travel never ceases. Car-carrying coaches could be available for the reeking-rich who wish to carry their cars with them. Additionally, as the Chinese recently proposed, a line should go south to Beijing to connect to the Chinese system.


    Forward Reply:

    The high speed rail is the best idea. Good thought.


  2. Donny10 says:

    Just thinking — Does anyone remember Crimea ? A former autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, now a region of Ukraine. I seem to remember Alaska was purchased from Russia in our past. That makes Alaska a former autonomous republic of the Soviet Union, now a region of the United States. Add to this story that there is a movement within Alaska to return to Russian control, the same as was true in Crimea, a short time ago.
    Good story though!


    anchoragemama Reply:

    Where did you come up with that garbage? I love how the lower 48 people in the USA always know everything there is to know about Alaska. Well I’m Alaskan and we are not trying to return to Russian control. I can’t believe what a stupid remark that is, do you not have a brain in your head? “Seward’s Folly” was the best for the USA. Now I would be more than happy to ship Obama off to Putin! There is talk about Alaska becoming a it’s own Republic and dropping out of the good ole USA. That has my vote.


  3. Mike J. says:

    I think these energy and transportation projects are very useful to the economies of Russia, China, and most of eastern Europe and the other Asian countries, however, due to the political and military decisions by both nations it would be dangerous to allow a direct route into Canada and the USA. Forget submarines, surface ships, missiles, and aircraft..just drive your weapons and troops directly like UPS.

    Also, China makes too many inferior/dangerous consumer goods and Russia may add to this problem. For these reasons..”I’m out”.


  4. Thomas Barras says:

    What a pipe dream. The political differences between all the countries involved is too great.


  5. Sree says:

    From logistics stand point this is very good. This will cut down the time for moving goods between east and west (between China and USA). Corporations can save of money which will be good for investors. This will also increase tourism between east and west.


    Tim Maverick

    Tim Maverick Reply:

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with your points. In fact, the Russians specifically say the highway will give a huge boost to tourism between the countries involved.


  6. Wikiderm says:

    Oh sure – build a railway on soon to be non-permanent permafrost?
    Now THERE’S a ‘perma’ money pit.


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