And This Year’s Top Takeover Target Is…

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  1. Adina Nissan says:

    HI Louis ,
    Welcome back.
    It is so nice to hear from you.
    I never miss any of your recommendations
    Once more, Welcome Back




  2. Paul says:

    The CEO has done a wonderful job and as a matter of fact he is ahead of his own predicted turnaround schedule.


  3. Diane says:

    You can’t say that everyone does not want a BlackBerry. I certainly do. I have an Android at this moment. I was a BlackBerry user for many years, in other words I was a Crackberry. I there has been no other phone like the BB. You can text properly. You download free songs and so on and so on. I never used it for business. Why would I do that. I miss my BB very much and would love to return to it, but to no avail it seems not to be sold in the US ( maybe I’m incorrect on that one).
    I even notice on the Kardashian’s (not that I watch that show) some of the sisters still have BlackBerry’s.
    I hope someday soon the BlackBerry will be the smartest phone. I know it can. I know it can.

    Thank you for a wonderful product.


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