Will Hillary’s Alternates Please Stand Up?

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  1. Robert in Stuart says:

    Elizabeth Warren is best by FAR! She will end fraud & sleeze on Wall St and Banksters. We need that for a true MARKET!


    Dorothy Dukeman Reply:

    What experience does she have with foreign policy?


  2. Danny Adams says:

    Considering Reagan’s age the second time he ran for the presidency, though, and how many Republicans would likely have voted him in for a 3rd term if he’d been able to run, at least the Republicans wouldn’t be able to make a big deal out of Biden’s and Brown’s ages.


  3. David M. Fahey says:

    Tim Kaine is a US senator, former governor, and former mayor. Represents a swing border state (Virginia), born and raised in another swing border state (Missouri). Fluent Spanish-speaker as the result of a church mission year. Other than that, know little about him. Nobody seems to hate him personally. Safe and unexciting isn’t all bad.


  4. Dorothy Dukeman says:

    I am a Democrat,however, if Joe Scarborough would run, a Republican, I would vote for him. I believe he is more interested in what is good for this country, other than party. Why is he being overlooked? Get on the bandwagon Joe, we need you.


  5. Jessica says:

    Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton will win because she’s a female. She voted for the Iraq war and NSA spying. She worked with Jack Thompson on the Family Entertainment Protection Act (FEPA) to censor video games like Grand Theft Auto. Hillary flip-flops on issues often. Wall Street loves Hillary. It’s ironic when she says that men oppress women and then she uses her husband as a way to gain popularity. She will continue to polarize this country.


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