The U.S. Military’s Greatest Weapon Ever

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  1. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    The article on Boeing’s latest innovation is really very interesting.Slowly we are entering an age which till yesterday was topic of science fiction.But, I am sure rivals will come up with something which can break this protective shield.And the race would go on …. and on!


  2. Mr Smith says:

    America’s inability to keep a secret is what makes us week to invaders.this is not technology sharing with our enemies,this is stupidity on the highest level! I hope that the government will have the intelligence to remove this article and any a like that could help the USA keep its edge. We don’t stand a chance if we don’t keep valuable secrets. The disclosure of any advanced technology should be considered as treason! Our enemies can figure out their own defence. Americans don’t need to do it for them. Just think,would we really have a nuclear problem in the world today if Americans wouldn’t have given away it’s secrets?


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