Shareholders Love the Dow-Olin Deal!

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  1. Tony Hamer says:

    Well this does look like a great deal for both parties strategically, and indeed, financially. However the 3rd party involved in the deal, the unrepresented Olin pensioners, now seem to have taken on an $800 Million liability within the pension fund, thus causing an increased potential of future default of this fund.
    Consequently, over 20,000 defined benefit pensioners are now living at greater risk for no reward. It seems like this deal for them is asymmetric and management must address this issue.


  2. Lu Giacino says:

    What does this paragraph mean: “The stock currently trades at an enterprise ratio of $7.89, which means shares are attractively priced, despite Friday’s rise. However, investors would be well cautioned to average into OLN shares only on weakness.” Olin pensioners appear to have a real worry with this transaction. Will Dow retirees have to worry about their pensions, too?


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