Three Roadblocks to a Driverless Car Future

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  1. Gene Orlando says:

    The more technology, the more regulation, the more government control.
    From a pure safety perspective, there is no way a progaming algoritham can take the place of a good driver when it comes to avoidance and making decisions that avoid serios injury in real time that involve an immediate impact and then a more sreious potential impact that could follow. Perhaps 70% of all drivers are not terribly observant and all of us have lapses from time to time, where this type of system would be helpful to mostly avoid damage. There are many situations I have been in that I can see this system actually making worse, because they cannot possibly take into account all the things a human ca see and react to, also I may choose to go off the road as opposed to tangle with a truck or not: I would hate to have to fight the car and the situation. Sometimes its a question if what you are going to hit not if, and that means you are making a ‘personal choice’ not a ‘greater good choice’ based on a statistical model; me I like personal choices.


    Leon Kingsley Reply:

    In Britain all the many billions of £ GBP are going into high speed rail.. 200 mph trains… they should spend the money on high speed introduction of autonomous vehicles instead. One could summon a car like a taxi and it could travel up the motorway at 100 mph digitally chained to inrease the capicity of the road by a factor of perhaps 100, and drop you at your exact destination, instead of spending 60 minutes each end in a hire car!! Lets be clear here… self driving cars will reduce the need for so many lanes of a motorway, and will be the end of all accidents; women drivers; personal injury lawyers; crash repair centers; car insurance; even the need to own a car; just summon the make and model you wish to travel in and it will be cheaper than forking over $675.00 per month!!!

    bring it on ELON ! Your the man like, just like Mr Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, and all those great inventors; Leonardo Da Vinci!! wow now there was an inventor!!

    Leon Kinsley


    Adam Longaway Reply:

    Hey Gene, I think your post has merit but the core issue with it is what a ‘good’ driver is. We know that all humans are extremely slow at reacting to most things compared to a computer. We also know most humans are also not trained in avoidance and how to handle a dangerous situation, like the one that you described. So if the algorithm is good enough to id a problem and react it will be in every way better than a human. Even if the algorithm was consistent and just mimicked an average driver it would be better, we’re unpredictable. I believe the stats are nearly all accidents are due to human error so removing the people can only be a good thing. But I too feel a little odd about giving up control.


    NEERAJ bhambhra Reply:

    We all have been in a “near accident situation”, or a “could have been much worse ” type of a collision where you know that your quick thinking saved the day for you.
    However, the flip side to this is one to consider carefully. Say for instance, that your quick reaction that saved your life may have been the cause for death or injury for the occupants of the other vehicles involved in the situation. From their perspective your decision caused them harm. In situations like this, It would be interesting to see which algorithm is effective?


  2. Gordon says:

    The term “autonomous” should not be applied to machines. The word is a social science term not an engineering term. Driverless cars will never be “autonomous” as the term is defined. Look it up. You better hope cars, or any machine for that matter, never become autonomous.


  3. Gary says:

    I will NEVER buy a robot car.


  4. Joseph says:

    Question, if these auto’s drive themselves, then how much money will the states and insurance companies lose when the people no longer need to buy license or insurance to operate them?


  5. Francisco Machado says:

    I often go to locations by knowing where they are, knowing the roads. I couldn’t tell you the address – I don’t know it. Will the cars be able to look for something by a verbal description? I live on a farm on a dirt road two miles to the paved state road, and I use my truck on – and off – farm roads. some of the things I do, self-driving could be very useful – like “move up about a yard.” How do I tell my truck what to do? will it be harder than doing it myself? On a completely different point, has any consideration been given to the effect these vehicles will have on obsessive back seat drivers? I can foresee serious psychological consequences.


  6. Grant says:

    Too often I think what the fuzz is all about. People predict that machinery will safe lives, but will they really? What’s the whole point of self-driven automobiles? Apart from destroying the fun for us whom love traveling around the country, self-driven automobiles will just make us lazier people. Why not focus on electric automobiles. Everyone is fighting to get the future here and everyone wants to make self-driven automobiles, to benefit who? The companies themselves? Machinery can make as many mistakes as human beings do. They can cause accidents as much as human beings do and they can crash, errors aren’t only made by human beings, what about brake failure, its a simple mechanical error, who says that self-driven automobiles will make a difference. Let’s wait for 2016 and we will see what a killer concept is. Tesla motors is too concerned about making a profit, instead work on something everyone will benefit from. I belief that 2016 will be the year customers will receive quality over quantity from a company that is not only concerned about making profits and high demands, but with a concept every individual will benefit from, and no, its not a self-driven automobile, instead, its the self-driven ability to make a difference in everyone’s lives and not just the minority. It is way better than a self-driven automobile, twice as safe, and will give you more than what you as a customer will ever expect an automobile such as the new Anonymous 2016 model.


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