Here’s the U.S. Deficit’s Next Victim

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  1. stans99 says:

    Social Security is not included in deficit/gain calculations. Learn how government finances are structured before giving out erroneous advice.


  2. Bobby Addison says:

    How is it that the politicians always talk about
    Social Security is gonna run out of money, but
    now they want to add millions of illegal immigrants
    on it. Had they not stole our SS, and had stayed in an annuity ,there would be plenty of money in it.


  3. Tommy Molnar says:

    How about I get the choice of the fed paying me back all the money I and my employers put into the Social Security fund in one lump sum – and let ME do the ‘investing’? The reason Social Security is in such trouble is because the fed long ago spent the incoming funds, planning on most folks never LIVING to collect it. That, and letting darned near everyone collect SS whether they put a dime into it or not.


  4. Terry says:

    Marvin: What did your folks do to make you want them to suffer in their old age?


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