Obama Signs “Student Aid Bill of Rights”

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  1. Eileen says:

    Well written….Obama is not helping. Better education for everyone… not higher education for everyone.


  2. Kathy Schrodinger says:

    after college my daughter got a really good job at a the local dairy making the books but she had to be on her feet a lot and when she ended up breaking four of her toes they gave her a suspension and no worker comp because they said no one brakes their toes making books and that their insurance does not cover that. then on the today show they talked about how broken bones never heal right and my daughter will never be able to dance right which is really bad since she was such a good dancer.


  3. Gary Provo says:

    Sure cancel my car loan, too. What’s next, govt pay for my birthday party? As a taxpayer I won’t get a share of the students 6-figure salary so I’m not paying his tuition, or his car loan, or his Valentine’s day present. Get real, man up, or face life with minimum wage.


  4. Bill says:

    The White House is also asking for recommendations for possible changes to the treatment of loans in bankruptcy.

    For starters, the employer should be responsible for the employee’s student loan payments. The employer will make the student loan payments and the salary paid to the employee may reflect this. However, the employer can deduct the payments made and the employee does not have to pay tax on income used to pay the loans.

    Next, students should attend community college for two years before transferring to a four year institution. After two years they will know if they are college material, will have saved a substantial amount of tuition payments, and will have more maturity to make career decisions.

    Finally, colleges should have year-round work study programs where students can earn a living, obtain work skills, and earn a degree simultaneously.


  5. chris says:

    Why is it ok to bail out the auto industry and the banks, but not the college student trying to better his community? I am an american slave to Wells Fargo and they will not negotiate on my payment level… I wish I would have never went to college, as much as it hurts me to say that. This country doesn’t care about the future. Only about the now.


  6. Sharon Nelson says:

    Well the now is all that matters and if what we’re doing now isn’t working then we need to change it to fix it for the betterment of all. It is “We the people!”


  7. William Harner says:

    Seeing how his main objective in policy making seems to be in pursuit of the Cloward and Piven strategy I would say we’re headed for more bailouts.


  8. Theodore says:

    College should be free, in fact the University of Virginia was the first University and was intended to provide a free education. Other countries such as Denmark for example offer free college.

    There will never be enough wages to pay for the student loans and our economy will pay for this one way or another.

    Having a discharge in bankruptcy is the only logical answer. Having 60 thousand in debt and making 20 dollars per hour will never balance. It will eat into household income and millions of people will not be able to buy houses, cars, and food which will hurt these industries whatever way you look at it.

    Discharge these loans and let the billion dollar companies like GCO ELF go under and allow grads to prosper and spend on the necessities in life and maybe give hope to the future and the economy. Throw the kids a rope of hope, and it will be an investment in the future.


  9. Jan says:

    My friend’s 23 year old daughter just graduated with an arts degree and $167,000 in college debt. She didn’t get good guidance from her parents and will probably never own a home or have financial freedom. If her future fiance checks her credit, she may never marry. I would like to know who gave these private colleges the right to charge such outrageous tuition. Yes, Obama, some help is needed. Thanks for caring enough to do so.


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