Don’t Be Fooled… GameStop Is a Value Trap

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  1. Dave Schmidt says:

    I have to disagree. We gamers are not ready yet to give up our physical games. There is still significant value in returning those games to retail stores to fund the purchase of the next game. There has been no incentive or reason for people to make the move to digital. Retail games and digital games are still priced exactly the same.


    Randy Reply:

    Have to agree with above comment. If they were cheaper maybe but why pay the same price to be unable to sell them when done and recoup some money, not to mention you can’t let friends borrow a digital game. If the game companies mess up and lose your purchase history then you won’t have any games either. I have had trouble in the past with transferring digital games to a new system when the old one crashed so I avoid them like the plague. I can control what happens to the disc. I can’t control what happens on another company’s server. I don’t like gamestop’s ripoff trade in values but I’d rather have a physical copy regardless.


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