Meet Your New Wireless Provider: Google

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  1. GAZAN Freddy says:



  2. kelly says:

    In knowing this,why in the world would any of these
    Big wireless companies rent any of their service to Google?
    Unless 1) Google really is Government owned
    2) the other companies are stupid
    3) other companies are required under law not to refuse
    Use of their system with competitors request. And if this is
    The case then this should have been done with health care
    Not ObamaSCAMcare.
    My bet is #1 & #3


    Jose Reply:

    Are you serious? You can’t imagine that wireless carriers might have unused capacity that is either worthless or worth a little sold to google? That perhaps free market economics may lead to more efficient market-based cellular coverage, rather than having five separate incompatible networks?


  3. Jim Smith says:

    Google is looking at doing this in Portland, Oregon my home town, but I just read that they have already increased their monthly fees by $10 in Kansas City their first site.


    GoogleFiberUser Reply:

    Google can’t control the price of TV content, which is rising for all carriers as people dump PayTV. They raised the TV side but not the Gbit side. For Google Wireless, word is they are only paying Sprint $2/GB. That could mean pretty cheap data for GW users.


  4. Jose says:

    “Google will rent all of these things from one of the big cellular providers” Wrong – They are purchasing available capacity from ANY available cellular networks. This article totally missed the entire point.


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