Tax Policy Will Prove Crucial for GOP Win

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  1. Kevin Beck says:

    If any part of this group had any brains, they would opt for the Fair Tax instead.

    A short version of what it would do:

    1. Eliminate ANY individual filing of tax returns;
    2. Put the IRS out of business;
    3. No more answering to govt. bureaucrats about how you choose to spend your money;
    4. You only “pay” taxes when you SPEND money;
    5. No more targeting of groups of people because of how they want to organize their political voices;
    6. No tax withholding.

    Scrap all these phony “reforms” that keep getting re-hashed every four years, and do something that will actually work better than all the other methods put together.

    Actually, putting all the other methods together would only work if they are bundled up and stuffed into a trash bag.


  2. TD says:

    BS. The Feds do not rely on taxes for their budget, they just type in what they want to a computer and chaching! Their only interest in taxes is social engineering to keep themselves in power over the sheeple. END THE FED, END THE IRS. We thrived until 1913 without them. It is time to reboot America.


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