U.S. Set to Be the New Swing Producer

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  1. Darren Exendine says:

    And thus the GREED and CONTROL continues to push for higher prices for gas which puts a strangle hold on families across the nation. SHAME ON THE STOCK INDUSTRY AND GREEDY PORTFOLIO’S. There is a reason America is failing. GREED.


    Sodbuster Reply:

    Darren-Greed is not why America is failing. America is failing because of the lack of greed. People are lazy or risk adverse. “Greed” is not a dirty word. It’s what makes America the envy of the world. It’s how our system works. It’s what makes you get up and go to work- if you do. I work everyday so I can buy the things I need and want. And those people are making and selling me those things for the same reason – “GREED”.


    George McAdoo Reply:

    Maybe Obama should tell OPEC and other oil producers they have made enough money and to roll back prices and keep them low SO ECONOMIES CAN ACTUALLY GROW!


  2. Jake Layne says:

    On the surface, this makes sense. Then, the thought occurs that SA manages it’s oil as a matter of NATIONAL policy. OUR policy appears to be just about anything to eliminate fossil usage. What you are describing is the natural effect of common business sense and not a joint effort such as OPEC is supposed to be.


  3. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    US and Saudi Arabia are not truly comparable. Whereas in Saudi Arabia oil production is almost entirely controlled by the state , it is not so in the US where bulk of the production is in private hands. Hence it may not be as easy to turn off (or on) the spigot in US as it is in Saudi Arabia.


    M. R. Elson Reply:

    S.K.Limaye is correct. The two political systems are no longer compatible and the oil market is further corrupted by the political sanctions being imposed on Russia and Iran. The Saudis are only manipulating their oil price in order to maintain or increase market share as exports to the US decline. The Saudis are supportive of Iran sanctions.

    I guess most Americans would prefer to see their oil kept at home so it may become necessary to introduce import tariffs in order to support domestic production.


  4. Chuck S says:

    OPEC sometimes cuts production to raise prices. Liberals in the US gov have been cutting production for decades by restricting drilling. Therefore these liberals (including some repubs) should be given a “friend of OPEC’ award – they’re better to OPEC than OPEC is to themselves.


  5. Pat Hickham says:

    you have to realize that this a game being played by the americans. They made a deal with the Saudis to bring down the price of oil to hurt Russia and Iran, and it worked VERY well.
    Who cares if it ends up hurting a few jobs at home … as long as the war is won against the russians and iran … Saudis are only being shown as the fall guy(s) so no one can put the blame back home …… don’t fall for the front story, find out what is not being shared in NA.


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