Famous PC Maker Exposed in Shocking Scandal

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  1. Glenn says:

    Homeland security issuing an alert, that is a joke as there isn’t anyone more involved in spying on people than they are. So the fox is complaining that someone besides them is playing the same game.


  2. Justin Wachin says:

    I can’t understand why anyone would want to buy a computer designed, built and sold by a Chinese company. The tainted food and lead-infested toys shipped from China should cause consumers to consider that data security probably receives the same low level of concern by Chinese companies. In fact, Lenovo may be less innocent in this data harvesting scheme than they appear. The best thing Americans can do is steer clear of any Lenovo computing device.


  3. Daniel Cabrera says:

    Well, for I concern, I really do not give a dime about the government spying on me for they know very well there in Washington, who I am, what I think of all of them, what I stand for,…and they know so well that fear and intimidation are two words never found in my dictionary.
    In others words they can take their spy game and stick it in any box or shelve they wish or in any other whatever place they wish.


    Tom Reply:

    You do, however, need to be concerned about seemingly secure financial and confidential personal information being compromised. If not, will you please reply with your credit card numbers as I am a little short this month (:-)


  4. John Orian says:

    Lenovo and Superfish need to be put out of business. Our governments should sue them for invasion of privacy. Pay that money to the buyers of these spying machines.

    John Orian


  5. Jacob says:

    Lenovo and Superfish aren’t the only ones infecting your computer. Check http://tinyurl.com/m4b3284
    for other sites that may be stealing your banking information.


    Jacob Reply:

    Some of these sites may have been innocently downloaded by yourselves. It certainly puts a new meaning to the green lock on supposedly-secure sites.


  6. Allen Bahn says:

    We have to remind ourselves that President Nixon, Henry Kisenger, Winston Lord all sold US down to China.These people caused a million deaths in Cambodia,Bangadesh.These people even wanted to Nuke India.They should all be tried for war crimes.
    I, for one, will not buy anything made in Communist Countries. These countries have political belief.tortured people for their Religion or expression of


  7. Dan says:

    Somehow, this action by the Chinese and their distributors here in the USA, seems to violate federal laws against wire fraud. It is interesting that if the facts are as set forth in this article, no indictments have been returned against anyone her in the USA, perhaps even including the Chinese companies and their officials who ship this merchandise into the United States and create the spy and steal software for use here in the USA. I sense they could easily be charged under our federal criminal law or under various state codes. Why has this not happened? I am not looking for some vague, non-answer.


  8. Beth says:

    I never heard of this company and probably would not have bought it anyway –


  9. Dottie says:

    Okay folks, you just helped me make a decision about purchasing an “affordable” computer! Was not looking for a laptop but after all I read about this company I am certainly NOT going to support a communist country! Thanks all.


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