CBI Gives Investors False Hope

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  1. MG says:

    Challenge No. 1: Troubled Nuclear Power Plant
    That’s one of the projects from the +30B$ backlog, nothing that can really hurt CBI.

    Challenge No. 2: Declining U.S. Oil Rig Count
    Oil rig count have almost nothing in common with CBI business. The exposure of CBI on oil is very small, plus that is not involved directly in drilling.

    I think the article is far too bearish.


    Wylee Reply:

    Bearish indeed, also focuses on wrong metrics and misidentifies sources of revenue.


  2. kyle says:

    this article is completely bullcrap. does the author even listen to the earnings call? and rig counts only affect the oil-field services companies, CBI is an engineering & construction company which doesnt provide any rigs whatsoever. Do more research before you write.


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