Oil Companies’ Positive Outlook Won’t Last

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  1. ray gutierrez says:

    oil co. will continue 2 rip the public off —when oil went to 150 dollars a barrel gas was selling for 4 69 per gal. in calif. same in chicago- new york–along the gulf coast we got to about 379-per gal.if you divided 150 by 3 -u get 50— make all gas priced 450 per ga l.divded by 3- u get 150—– so at 50 dollars a barrel what should the price of gas at pump should be——-1.33 agal—-for every dollar it goes up -it should only increase 2.6 per gal. the energy dept that jimmy carter put together in the 70s. not doing its job—–protected the public from price gouging by the oil co.—-also create a new fuel alt. as my daddy use to say 2 cant to this job son u cant do it you cant stay.this worker strike at refiners perfect exsample of there dishonesty with the public less workers at refinerys yet still put out same amount of gas every day


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