The Apple iCar: Coming to a Showroom Near You?

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  1. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    Will this strategy fully absolve Apple of it’s legal responsibilities ? For example, if a failure in electronic equipment leads to an accident the blame will go to Apple.


  2. Frank says:

    I had an iPhone for 1 year. Hated it and the crappy confusing iTunes interface. Replaced it with an Android that is much easier to use. Just an simple audio cable to my car sound system for instant voice GPS. You can carry the technology in your pocket and plug it in when you need it.

    Why are car makers so obsessed with building this electronic crap into their dashboards, and why are consumers so stupid to pay mucho extra for it? It will become obsolete faster than your new car. Do you want to give up $1000 and your car for a day to replace a fried display screen? Yes, these bells and whistles you pay so dearly for in the name of innovation will fail.

    I especially wouldn’t buy any car that had Apple crap built into it.


    pat Reply:

    You tell them Frank! But that’s how the big money is made selling overpriced junk to suckers


  3. motorbikegiant says:

    proud to be a part of the self-driving g o o g l e as well as apples planed auto’s of the future including
    the self-driving robotic taxis {taxi cab}


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