Strong U.S. Dollar Dampens Earnings

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  1. Vladilyich says:

    I happen to love it. My sales are primarily in the U.S. and includes my retirement. I Moved out of America about ten years ago and am now enjoying a 20% raise on my income from all sources. I am certain that one of these days it will occur to the IRS to charge their tax as a percentage of local currency rather than based on the American dollar.


  2. pete says:

    don’t you think it is strange that all the people in the U.S.A are being warned that the dollar is in big trouble, and will fail soon. now the dollar is making a strong comeback, and all the big companies are crying they are losing millions of dollars of profit. what exactly do these companies want? the dollar to fail, so they can increase their profits. and are these true AMERICANS? or just money hungry leeches that really do not care about this country at all.


  3. Publius40 says:

    Is the really a “strong dollar” or just weakening foreign currencies?

    AS they weaken the cost in dollars of imported goods falls, and with so little consumer goods being manufactured in America today, that is a benefit to the American worker.

    His income has remained stagnant or even fallen over the last 6 or 8 years and this “benefit” has been appreciated.

    If you look at historical value of the dollar Vs the Yen you cannot feel sorry for the multinationals. In February 1985 the exchange rate was 260 Yen to the Dollar. Today it is only 119 Yen.

    So, over the last 30 years the Dollar has fallen almost 70% against the Yen. The Multinationals have made huge profits in dollars by driving down the value of the Dollar and moving factories and jobs overseas.

    The banks profited handsomely by financing the move

    Oh, and the average American family has seen everything they own fall in value almost 70% on the world market.

    Doesn’t it just bring tears to your eyes and make you want to start a collection for the poor multinationals and bankers.


  4. sudarmanvegas says:

    If you look at historical value of the dollar Vs the IDR you feel sorry for the multinationals, because now the exchange rate was 12600 to the dollar.


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