Grexit Risk Is Real – And Europe Needs It

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  1. Steveafrikaner says:

    Greece is in love with socialism/communism. Has been for a long time. Trade unions are strong, and too many Greek’s work for the government, resulting in a
    bloated civil service. Half the land in Greece is owned by the Greek Orthodox Church, and they pay no taxes.
    Dodging taxes is a national sport in Greece. The very
    wealthy hardly pay any taxes. They have far more, and better tax lawyers than the government can afford.
    Too many entities are nationalized, and should have
    privatized years ago. The only industry worth anything is the tourism industry, which would greatly benefit from a Euro exit, and a new Drachma!


    Greek Reply:


    who told you that the church owns half of the land? Where do you get your information from?

    Needless to say that it is utter nonsense


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