Google’s New-Age Tech Set to Shock Auto Market

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  1. ralph miller says:

    and wait for the drive thru grocer with pic-bots that already function to stack the pallets in the warehouse–
    no more baggers!No more need to go outside!!!!!
    & don’t forget your vitamin d3 enhancement cylinders!!!!


  2. B Chapel says:

    Well, we the general public have the power to except the driverless car, or sent it packing, no one is going to tie up millions of dollars in equipment, and let it sit idle, so if we don’t ride the driverless car, it will just fade into history, as a stupid idea, that is beforee its time.


  3. Bob says:

    Well, artificial intelligence is better than no intelligence at all! Those cabbies can replace all the illegals in the corn fields when immigration reform gets put in place…well, that may never happen…oh well!


  4. Marty says:

    I am not surprised that Google may be ahead of the rest of the world in this technology–because after all, the search engine technology is similar in many ways to making the complex decisions necessary for driving a car. If it is successful enough, it may finally be illegal to drive without this system (very unfortunate)—just more of our freedoms being taken away.

    Secondly, I would call this fuzzy logic. The reason is that artificial intelligence simply does not exist and may not exist for many years. Artificial intelligence implies that the machine can learn in a general way like we can, as opposed to using fuzzy logic, that is, use a decision that supposedly has been optimized to probably be correct as a result of drawing infomation from a vast database.

    Even if artificial intelligence is ever developed (possibly via quantum computers and unbelieveably complex computer code), that does not mean that such a computer would have self-awareness, even if it acted like it did.



  5. Traveler says:

    Though the author is exuberant, the viability of a system like this is doubtful. People like their freedom and their amenities. Would these cars have the luxuries that people want, would it be worth it for short trips, how about the cost, how about the wait time for a car to get there. Some areas and applications would be better for this idea than others, rural or suburbs would probably not work as well, but it’s interesting and worth exploration. Probably end up being more like the current situation of 2 cars per family, one self drive and one driverless. You could use the robotaxis for nights out drinking etc…


  6. Marianna1776 says:

    Just imagine what a driverless car could do for elderly, disabled and sick individuals. Some people are afraid to drive or they just don’t want to drive. They prefer to be chauffeured around. Imagine a blind person would not have to depend on a human being to take them where they would like to go. The possibilities are endless. If this future technology actually could be implemented it would have far reaching implications and consequences good and bad. The upside would be no more illegal alien and foreign cab drivers of which some are Muslim criminals. I would prefer a driverless cab if it actually works and is safe, then to have to endure a cab driver.Imagine imagine imagine!


  7. pilotman says:

    These driverless cars will drastically reduce the amount of traffic that moves in a given time . I came up behind one that was exiting a parking lot last July. It was turning right, into the near lane of a 6-lane road, but waited until all the three lanes were clear. It will only be a matter of time until frustrated drivers start punting them off the road. You will NEVER see me in one of them. ( I will admit there are many people on the road who have no clue how to drive, handle traffic, change lanes, or use turn signals. )


  8. Chheng sochet says:

    Well, we surprise when technology of Google can help the many people ride car and get safe on the way in the future


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