Concerning the Unification of Korea

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  1. confused says:

    The one thing that I am having a hard time seeing is how this maniac hard liner of the North can ever shut his mouth long enough to let a unification happen. If this is true who will be seated as the unified leader Park Geun-hye, or Kim Jun Un? If the latter of the two controls what can we expect out of that country? More threats? They obviously will have more finances to be a bigger threat to the Free World. God help us all.


    Michael Reply:

    oh please—SK (RACIST & ANTI-AMERICAN) is america’s warmonger puppet. They provoke NK daily ->FACT…I WAS THERE ,,I SAW IT…ret us army..


  2. Sarah says:

    Good ‘ol Jim Rogers. He loves Asia. Nothing wrong with that! What is ‘wrong’ is that Mr. Rogers, who is extremely well-off financially, has a magical way of basically, well, not offering much for his avid listeners to go on. And so it goes. Others may disagree.


  3. Michael says:

    America needs to shut its big mouth AND keep its big nose out of other soverign nations internal affairs. take care of COLLAPSING AMERICA FIRST ret us army


  4. Prince Harry says:

    If this is going to be unification, the best way to invest will be the south Korea companies they will be the first in the new northern market, understanding the culture and people of the same. I’ll definitely be looking into these companies in the south to invest in.


  5. Chheng sochet says:

    hope all country over the solve all problem North Korean just discuss find the way to the peace and don’t want get the war


  6. Ernie FWTX says:

    Save your money this won’t happen. What has light have to do with the dark ? USA Force guards the South from evil North. Obama Husain the muslim terrorist may be stupid enough to pull out USA troops and then, yes invest. Slaves working for $0.08 cents a day. Wow. Invest in that ? REALLY?


  7. Pete says:

    Jim truly believes that Unification will happen. Octa recommends buying farmland in the DMZ ahead of unification based on Jim Roger’s insight:


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