Why Is Giving Greece the Boot so Challenging?

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  1. Alejandro says:

    with obama at the helm America is not far behind Greece


  2. Yiannakis Hadjilambri says:

    Just because a country gets a loan does not mean that it should be told to put its house in order the way the lender wants it to do as it can suggest ways to improve its public services, its tax collection methods and how to run its economy but not impose conditions. Secondly, Greece is in the disadvantaged position of not being able like all other big countries US, Britain and Germany included to “issue” so to speak new money to use in order to get the economy going so it needs to rely on help from other counties and this is what it has done so far. Thirdly, for the first time it has over the last year achieved a small balance of payments surplus. Surely it is on the right track and need not be strangled by heavy loan repayments that will drag it down further into the abiss!


  3. Cynical175 says:

    It’s not only the Greek but also the all the Mediterranean countries and the Balkans that are corrupt and economic basket cases. The EU nothing more now than a bunch of unelected politicians to create the biggest sandbox for themselves to play around in and damn the people


  4. CALARISTOS says:

    Anyone who has spent 4 hours in Athens understands what the problem is. No banker in his/her right mind would lend them carfare. The fact that the Euro banks did means they deserve to lose. Don’t blame the Greeks. If you give money away knowing there is no prospect of repayment, and they surely knew this, you can’t blame the Greeks for doing what anyone would do: take it!


  5. Athanasios says:

    I am Greek and have property in Greece, and relatives. I agree that burdening Greece with heavy payments drags down the Greek economy further, and increase the suffering of its people; what Greece needs from EU is economic investments that will create jobs in Greece. They have a well educated work force that companies can get at a bargain. Greeks want jobs, not welfare.



    Leave Greece alone! Blame yourselves EU for forcing Greece into your EU so then you can have all your money! Greece is simply fighting for their Country and they will still fight until the end! This is what Germany wants! Why don’t you kick Germany out!? Afraid they are going to raid you!?


  7. Cabra says:

    Once again another article villifying Greece. The ECB know what they’re doing and want countries saddled with debt that will be cash-cows for years to come. Don’t be so quick to judge Greece and call them corrupt and bloated. It’s the ECB that’s corrupt and bloated. They were negotiating a sizeable debt injection from the IMF for banksters to play with on the bond market when Greece first defaulted with a debt that was a mere trifle compared to what the ECB owes the IMF. But because this default introduced risk to the borrowing equation, the ECB lost the loan (on top of the many other loans) and the banksters didn’t get to play with money and rig the system at our expense, and the ECB became very sour. Bunch of hypocrites!


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