Will Microsoft Windows 10 Win Back the Masses?

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  1. Dance place says:

    Your article is not correct because most people and families still need P.C’s and laptops as well as mobile devices. Your article makes non-sense to everybody because there are people who need computers and if their P.C’s break down, they were forced to buy Windows 8 when they had to go with it.


  2. Adam says:

    Windows 10 while it looks better than 8 really brings little to the table. You said Spartan will have “the ability to doodle on a webpage, save it, and share it with others”. I don’t think that’s going to rock the world. Most of what MS does is great in the lab but they rarely have good products. I’ve owned every OS they’ve made and I can say I’ve hated everyone of them in some way. But you NEED to use them to function in the world so we do. I also originally liked the idea of shared apps / os for all our devices but honestly I don’t really care. That’s basically the chome book where the browser is the os and holds all your app and the device doesn’t matter. Google has the right idea here. The browser is the platform of the future. I’d love for MS to just go away some day… but where will all that bad middle management go?


  3. Roger Halstead says:

    I have little use for the handhelds, except for scheduling, messages, and phone calls. Internet? Only if necessary and that’s a rarity.

    Apple? They mke good equipment, but charge way too much. I do not purchase Apple, but I do buy their stock.

    Games, movies, and streaming video? I can wait until I get to the computer or big screen TV. I hesitate to insult my liquid cooled gaming machine in a full size tower case, a PC


  4. JohnF says:

    I’ve used Windows 8 and 8.1 quite a lot, and have been using the Win 10 previews.

    Quite honestly, what I’ve seen of Windows 10 so far indicates that it has nothing for me. I don’t care if all my devices run the same OS, and it doesn’t matter one bit to me if an app can run on any Windows 10 device. I don’t want cloud integration. I will never use Bing or Cortana. I don’t use an XBox. Spartan is just another web browser, and the one I use now is just fine, thanks. The hologram integration is just stupid. The only thing that Windows 10 has over Windows 7 is a bevy of slight performance improvements — but none of them are enough to make updating the OS worth doing.

    While Windows 10 is certainly a dramatic improvement over Windows 8.x, I’ll be skipping it nonetheless — it offers nothing of importance that Windows 7 doesn’t already provide.


  5. john smith says:

    When Microsoft makes software (of which they often steal the concept from another company) or when it develops an OS, their only real objective is to price it as high as possible and force end users to buy. Back when there was no Google or smart phones MS was able to bully and con people into upgrading to a new bug infested OS and consumers could do nothing but suffer.
    MS has no interest in creating products that people want or need. They just want your money and give you nothing back.


  6. larry gibson says:

    when will 10 be ready for me?


  7. Glenn says:

    Windows 8,8.1, or 10….. bought new machine installed windows 7



  8. Tim T says:

    I’m sure there are users out there that will find Windows 10 features useful and that’s great. But the user experience is highly subjective after all and for me, I see nothing in Microsoft’s “Mobile First, Cloud First” strategy that even remotely resonates with me. And therin lies the problem: I don’t want a new operating system; I don’t need a new operating system. Multiply this sentiment across the Windows userbase and you begin to understand why Windows 8.x was such a disappointment.


  9. Gianni says:

    Reading this article and bunch of others on net it’s just makes me admire Apple even more. It’s just seems MS, Blackberry, Nokia.. and rest of crue is really stupid and live in a past until they litterly are dead. OK, MS is huge company offering PC Os that’s installed on 90% of machines within many different industries and this will not change. However for them to make any difference what so ever in mobile consumer sector it’s practically impossible. Why? Because they are to proud to accept other is better. Once they accept that they can learn from it.
    If you see whole world talks about iPhones, if you see Apple makes tons of money from App Store what do you do? You do same but better.. improve, model it.. I cannot believe that company that has 90% of pc market is not able to compete in mobile sector. What have you been doing all years? Honesty, it’s just matter of time when people will start to buy Mac ad their first option for desktop, like me.


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