Who Really Wants the Keystone XL Pipeline?

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  1. William graybill says:

    They don’t like the average people to gain any monetary value such as lower gas prices, (they) meaning the oil and government politicians that are in cohorts, they can’t seem to want the average people to maybe see a little day light. And not fill their pockets instead.


  2. Gene Orlando says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the chance at some more short term profitability will turn a major corporation’s thoughts away from long term strategy. Could it possibly have to do with upper managements’ bonus package at the expense of the buy and hold stockholders.


  3. Roger Stevenson says:

    The way to gain economically is to convert your vehicle to run on Natural gas, it is still cheaper than gas and cleaner burning. We wouldn’t need the XL- Pipeline from Canada!


  4. W Smith says:

    The Enbridge ‘Flanagan pipeline project’ was built in four segments and each employed 400 to 700 workers. Between the month’s of Oct. 2013 and Jan. 2014 there were on average 3,650 construction workers over the entire route. The Keystone pipeline is a much larger project and is expected to generate about 40,000 jobs. Many of these jobs very high paying. These people who claim only a few jobs will be created have no idea what they are talking about. Add in the economic impact on the community’s along the route; Keystone is a very big deal.


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