Why Samsung Should Buy BlackBerry

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  1. T Michael Church says:

    Against your argument, BlackBerry business with the US government may have (originally at least) been partly contingent on them not being an Asian company.


    Kurt Reply:

    Not “Asian”….more like CHINESE (Lenovo etc). Samsung is KOREAN…a western ally.


  2. Bob says:

    Interesting call Louis, but wouldn’t Google or Apple be a better match. Both have huge cash and would love to have the patent portfolio. Also what about the security risk to the governments ie. the US if the encryption were to opened to the Koreans ?
    Thanks love your columns


  3. Mango says:

    This will not happen — you are dreaming like the typical wall street “trader” that only looks at return (and company that does everthing in its power to “creat’ shareholder value and like a vulture after the company is picked dry, move to another one. I agree with one other comment — if anything it would be tie up with IBM, Apple, Google, etc. No foreign ownership.


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