SOTU Speech: Obama’s Finest Trickery

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  1. doug boales says:

    “Robin Hood” is not a good description. Robin Hood stole from wealthy rulers, those in govt, who achieved their wealth by taxing & stealing from the common man. Robin Hood did not steal from those who were succesful in free enterprise, as Obama does. Obama, Reid, Peslosi, McCain, anybody who has been in congress more than two terms. those are the ones that money should be stolen from and returned to the common man.


  2. Dan says:

    “With tax revenue and spending at all-time highs, he still wants the government to get a bigger share of the nation’s revenue.”

    That might fly with big cooperate interests but it is typical right wing fearmongering. Yes The President’s proposals would take from the top 1% … but the result is not richer government but and offer a better way of life to the bottom 99% .

    This could be easily avoided if big business would stop fighting a minimum wage increase


  3. Francisco Machado says:

    Robin Hood was indeed credited with taking money back from the tax collectors whom at the time I believe worked on commission – in that they worked something like a repo man and enjoyed a similar level of popularity. John, Richard’s brother, was a prince, not a king at the time and appears to have had a reasonable degree of fiscal responsibility. Richard spent little time in England, yet retained heroic, virtually euhemeristic, status for his actions in the Third Crusade. He bankrupted the treasury with his campaigns (ours aren’t too cheap, either) and proceeded to get himself incarcerated and held for ransom in France. Hence, the taxes.


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